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1. n., Large triton conch or helmet shell (Charonia tritonis 🌐) as used for trumpets; any wind instrument, as horn, trumpet, cornet. The instrument may be distinguished from other pū by the qualifier hoʻokani, sounding.

  • Examples:
    • Nā pū kiwi hipa ʻehiku (Iosua 6.4), seven trumpets of rams' horns.
  • References:
    • PPN puu.

2. n., Gun, pistol.

  • Examples:
    • I lalo pū, order arms [military command].
  • References:

3. n., General name for pumpkin or squash.

4. n., Tree, cluster of several stalks, as of bananas, pandanus, or kava; clump, as of sugar cane (always precedes a noun).

  • References:
    • PCP puu.

5. n., Head of octopus or squid.

6. n., Canoe endpiece, both fore and aft.

7. nvt., Coil of hair, topknot of hair; rope or line, as attached to sticks in an ʻōpelu net; rope attached to the front of an unfinished canoe to haul it to the shore; olonā string used in the game pū kaula; snotter holding the end of the sprit of a sail; to coil; to gather in, as sails; to form a topknot.

  • Examples:
    • Pū i ka waʻa, ceremony during which a head craftsman prayed that the gods would protect the newly carved canoe hull as it was drawn from the forest to the sea; to attach a line to a canoe; such a line.
    • Kaulapa pū (For. 6:483), drag or towline.
    • Pū i ka lauoho, to form the hair in a topknot.

8. vi., To divide by lot: pebbles or seeds were placed under a tapa, and divided unseen into heaps, and the players drew to get the largest heaps.

9. vi., To eat a little, share potluck, said in a humble invitation, as Mai kākou e pū ʻai, come and have a little food with us [take potluck].

  • Examples:
    • Mai kākou e pū paʻakai, come and share a little salt with us [said disparagingly of the meat].

10. n., A variety of sweet potato.

11. vs., Inactive, sluggish, quiet, dejected, bored (often following noho).

  • Examples:
    • ʻOia noho pū wale ihola nō ʻo ke aliʻi, the chief just sits quietly.
    • ʻŌkuʻu pū, to crouch dejected.
    • Kai pū, sea without animation; sea at midtide.
  • References:
    • Gram. 7.1.

12. particle, Together, entirely, completely, also with, together with.

  • Examples:
    • ʻUla pū, entirely red.
    • Me ʻoe pū, same to you [as in reply to a good wish].
    • Like pū, exactly alike.
    • Noho pū, to live together, as without benefit of clergy.
    • ʻO au pū, me too.
    • ʻO kāua pū, so will I; you and I both.
    • Moku pū, broken completely.
    • Pau pū kāua i ka hoʻopaʻi ʻia, we'll be punished together.
  • References:
    • Gram. 7.1.
    • PPN puu.

13. Probably a rare variant of puoho, startled.

  • References:
    • GP 66.

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kikino, Horn, a musical instrument.

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