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1. n., Core, as of breadfruit or pandanus.

2. n., A tripping club, as of wood or stone, with a rope attached; this was hurled at the foe to encircle his arms or legs and render him helpless.

  • References:
    • FS 95.

3. n., Wooden floats attached to upper or head cord of gill nets.

  • Examples:
    • Ka iʻa pīkoi ʻo Kālia, he kanaka ka pīkoi, he kanaka ka pōhaku, Kālia is a fishing net with human floats, human sinkers.
  • References:

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s. The core of the breadfruit.

v. To be proud or high-minded; hookano; he kanaka pilcoi, a proud man.

2. To follow one’s inclination; to go after one’s desire. See PIIKOI.

3. To crave or covet what is another’s, as food or kapa.

4. To call as to birds by way of enticement; also pikoikoi.

Pikoi (pī'-kō'-i), n.

/ pī'-kō'-i / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. The core of the breadfruit.

2. A missile weapon composed of a club, stone and rope.

3. A trap or snare.

Pikoi (pī-kō'i), v.

/ pī-kō'i / Parker Haw to Eng,

To ensnare with a pikoi.

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