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pānini Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng / pā.nini /,

1. n., The prickly pear (Opuntia megacantha), a Mexican branching cactus about 4.5 m high, with a cylindrical trunk, and green, succulent, flattened, oblong to ovate joints, from which protrude many spines about 2.5 cm long. Flowers are yellow or orange, large; the fruit is ovoid, about 8 cm long, yellow or purple, spiny. This cactus is a weed in Hawaiʻi; the fruits are eaten or made into liquor. Literally, fence wall.

  • References:
    • Neal 607–8.

2. n., A variety of sweet potato.

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pānini Māmaka Kaiao, Haw to Eng,

kikino Prickly pear cactus; cactus, general term. Dic., ext. mng. Also pānini maoli, pāpipi. See entries below.

Pānini Place Names of Hawaiʻi,

Loop, Diamond Head section, Honolulu. Lit., cactus.

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