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1. nvi. Joint action; simultaneous sounds; din of many voices, sounds, as of horns or roosters; to rush or attack in concert; a group, as of hills (olowalu puʻu). Cf. makawalu, -walu. Olowalu aʻela nā moa, the cocks crowed. Ka ʻalo ʻana o ke olowalu ihe (For. 4:269), dodging the onslaught of spears.

2. n. Storehouse, as for chief's property. Rare.

s. See OLOALU. O ke olowalu o ke kapu o ke alii; kahi e kau ai ke kapa o ke oloalu.

Olowalu (o'-lo-wa'-lu), n.

/ o'-lo-wa'-lu / Parker Haw to Eng,

Same as oloalu, a chief's storehouse: O ke olowalu o ke kapa o ke alii; kahi e kau ai ke kapa o ke oloalu.

Olowalu (o'lo-wā'lu):

/ o'lo-wā'lu / Parker Haw to Eng,

the sound of many voices at once. Land section, Lahaina, Maui.

Quadrangle, village, canyon, land division, shaft (well), ditch, stream, and wharf, West Maui. More than a hundred Hawaiians were treacherously killed here and many wounded on orders from Captain Simon Metcalfe in 1790 (Kuy. 1:24). Many petroglyphs are seen on a cliff face here (Cox and Stasack 11, 93). Lit., many hills.

Dive site, landing, snorkeling site, surf site, Olowalu, Maui. Olowalu Plantation was a sugar plantation started in 1876 by Philip Milton and Goodale Armstrong. Olowalu Landing supported the plantation, and its ruins are on Olowalu Point. The dive site is off the landing. The primary snorkeling site is on the shallow reef south of Olowalu Point bordering Honoapiʻilani Highway. The surf site west of the landing is called Olowalu Point, and the surf site on the west side of Olowalu along Honoapiʻilani Highway is called Olowalu. Lit., many hills.

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