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1. n. Beak, snout, tip, end; spout, beak of a pitcher; mouth or entrance, as of a harbor, river, or mountain pass or gap. See idioms, hapahapai and huapala 2. Nuku awa, entrance to a harbor. Ka nuku o ka ule hala, tip of aerial pandanus root. Ka nuku kaulana o Nuʻu-anu, the famous Nuʻu-anu gap. Puʻuʻ ka nuku, to protrude the lips. (PPN ngutu.)

2. nvs. Scolding, raving, ranting, grumbling; to nag. (PNP ngutu.)

3. n. Series of hooks attached to a line (Malo 79); first coconut husk attached to an ʻahi fishline, the others being poli (bosom), and manamana (fingers). Ka nuku o ka puaʻa, poetic name for deep-sea ulua fishing line; lit., the pig snout.

4. n. See below for nuku sequences as names of taros, a legume, sweet potatoes, jackfish, and birds.

See entries below. Mākala nuku. Orbicularis oris, i.e. the muscles surrounding the mouth and lips.

ham/kik Oral reprimand; to scold. ʻO ka ʻanuʻu mua o ka hoʻopaʻi, ʻo ia ka nuku. The first level of punishment is an oral reprimand. Dic., ext. mng.

kikino Head or foot of trail; pass, in mountains; mouth, as of a river; nozzle. Dic., ext. mng. See hānuku. Kaha nuku muliwai. Delta, of a river. Nuku muliwai. Estuary. Nuku ʻūpā makani. Bellows nozzle.

v. To chide; to complain; to provoke; to quarrel. Puk. 17:2.

s. The bill of a bird; the snout of an animal.

2. A tunnel; the nose of a pitcher; the nose of a person. Ezek. 39:11. The mouth. Hal. 108:42.

3. The mouth of a river. Ios. 15:5.

4. Strite; scolding; contention. 1 Tim. 6:4.

5. Name of a kind of fish-hook.

Nuku (nū'-ku), n.

/ nū'-ku / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. The mouth of anything.

2. Any natural projection, as bill of bird, snout of animal.

2. Quarrel where words only are used.

Nuku (nū'-ku), v.

/ nū'-ku / Parker Haw to Eng,

To chide; to com plain; to provoke; to quarrel; to scold.

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