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1. nvs., Short, thickset, plump but not tall (said more often of plants than of humans).

2. n., A native variety of banana, bearing small bunches of thick, round fruit, eaten raw or cooked, the skin yellow, the flesh cream-colored.

3. vi., To eat greedily with great mouthfuls, even when no longer hungry.

4. n.-poss., For me, mine, in my honor (o-form, Gram. 9.11).

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vs. Suffused with water; drenched, as with rain; moist and fragrant, as a flower in the rain or dew.

1. nvt., To throw, pelt, cast, pitch, hurl; buffeting, throwing; pitcher.

  • Examples:
    • ʻO ka hoʻoili i ka ihu o ka waʻa a nou i ke kai (chant), to conduct the prow of the canoe until it beats into the sea.
    • Lehua maka nou i ke ahi (chant by Hiʻiaka), Lehua face pelted by the fire.
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2. n.-poss. For you, yours, in your honor (o-form, singular; Gram. 9.11).

  • References:
    • PCP no(o)u.

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hamani, To throw overhand; baseball pass, in basketball; to throw such a pass.

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adj. Epithet of a servant born of a common person and a kauwa aumakua; a hanau mai ke keiki, he nou ka inoa o ia keiki.

v. To eat to the full; to glut with food; to gormandize; to eat very often.

pers. pron., first person. Oblique case of au or wau, I. My; mine; for me. Gram.§ 124.

pers. pron., second person. An oblique case of oe, thou. Thy; thine; of thee; for thee, &c. Gram.§ 132. Nou ka nou, or nau, yours is the fault; none to blame but yourself.

s. A puff or blast of wind.

v. To blow hard, as a gale of wind; nou mai ka makani.

2. To puff; to fill with wind. See HAANOU.

3. To send out or abroad, as thunder. Iob. 37:3.

4. To throw or cast a stone; nou aku la i ka pohaku, a pa i ka auwae, he threw a stone and it struck the chin; to throw stones. 2 Sam. 16:6. Pohaku nouia, a stone thrown. Nah. 35:17.

5. To strike, as the rays of the sun; to be very hot, as the rays of the sun; e wela nui mai ka la, e ko nui mai; nou iho ka la o keia aina o Lahaina, the sun of this land of Lahaina strikes down.

6. Haa. To be puffed up; to be self-important. 1 Kor. 4:18.

7. To boast. Ezek. 35:13.

1. A puff or blast of wind; a hurling; a flinging.

2. A child born of a. misalliance.

3. Progeny of mixed blood; a child born of father and mother of different races.

Nou (nō'u), pers. pron.

Parker Haw to Eng,

Yours; for you.

Noʻu (no'u), possessive pronoun.

Parker Haw to Eng,

For me; belonging to me; mine: no'u kela, that is mine.

1. To throw; with makani, to blow.

2. To hurl; to send forth, as sound, thought, heat, words, etc

To eat to the full; to glut with food; to gormandize; to take great mouthfuls.

1. To be wet with rain; to be suffused with water.

2. To he fragrant.

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