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noʻu Pukui-Elbert Haw to Eng,

1. nvs., Short, thickset, plump but not tall (said more often of plants than of humans).

2. n., A native variety of banana, bearing small bunches of thick, round fruit, eaten raw or cooked, the skin yellow, the flesh cream-colored.

3. vi., To eat greedily with great mouthfuls, even when no longer hungry.

4. n.-poss., For me, mine, in my honor (o-form, Gram. 9.11).

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NOʻU Andrews Haw to Eng,

pers. pron., first person. Oblique case of au or wau, I. My; mine; for me. Gram.§ 124.

NOʻU Andrews Haw to Eng,

v. To eat to the full; to glut with food; to gormandize; to eat very often.

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