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1. nvt. Ointment, balm; to apply ointment; to pour, spill. (PPN lingi.)

2. Same as lili, jealous.

3. n. Fence, line of stones; pavement. Cf. pānini.

4. Same as ninini, to pour. (PPN lingi.)

s. That which tends to heal a wound, balm, ointment, oil, &c. Ier. 46:11. A medicine for external wounds.

v. To soothe a pain; to heal a wound; to apply nini or medicine to a wound.

2. To spill; to spill over; to pour out a liquid.

3. To find fault in a bargain; to complain.

4. To cheat; to ask more for a thing than it is worth.

5. To be hard in a bargain.

6. To lay stones well in a wall; if the stones lie smoothly and tight, the stones are said to nini.

Nini (nī'-ni), n.

/ nī'-ni / Haw to Eng, Parker,

That which tends to heal a wound; balm; ointment; oil; a medicine for external wounds.

Nini (nī'-ni), v.

/ nī'-ni / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. To apply nini or balm to a wound.

2. [Primitive or root form of ninini,] to pour out; to spill.

3. To wrangle; to quarrel; to find fault.

4. To face, lay or cover with stone.

Nini (ni'-ni):

/ ni'-ni / Haw to Eng, Parker,

to pour out. Land section, Oahu.

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