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Pas/imp. of niho; toothed, serrated, notched, jagged, sharp; firmly imbedded and interlocked, as stones in a fence. Nihoa ka pali, toothed is the cliff.

2. (Cap.) n. Name of an island between Kauaʻi and Midway. See saying, pākū.

Nīhoa, the island. Niʻihau. ʻAinohu Nīhoa. Nīhoa finch (telespiza ultima).

The island. Nīhoa. ~ finch (Telespiza ultima). ʻAinohu Nīhoa.

s. See NIIHOA one of the islands.

Nihoa (nī'-hōa), n.

/ nī'-hōa / Parker Haw to Eng,

One of the small islands northwest from Honolulu.

Nihoa (ni-ho'ā):

/ ni-ho'ā / Parker Haw to Eng,

derivation unknown. Land section, Koolau, Molokai.

Coastal land section, Kaunakakai qd., north Molokaʻi. (Summers 196.) Waterfront area in downtown Honolulu formerly owned by Ka-ʻahu-manu and named by her in honor of her visit to Nihoa Island (Ii 166). The island is the highest of the Northwestern (Leeward) Hawaiian Islands and the one nearest the main islands. It has a maximum elevation of 910 feet and an approximate area of 0.25 square miles. Discovered by Captain Douglas of the British ship Iphigenia on March 19, 1789, it was annexed to Hawaiʻi in 1898 and is now a part of the City and County of Honolulu. Kenneth P. Emory (1928) tells of 66 house sites on the island. Small stone images from there are in the Bishop Museum. The famous chant, "Ka Wai a Kāne," mentions the island (UL 257-259). (Bryan, 1942: 167-170; PH X-XII; RC 253.) See Mau-loku. Lit., firmly set.

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