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1. vs., Weak, as an infant; swaying, bending, as a plant; pliable.

  • Examples:
    • ʻO ka haki pua nīnole (song), breaking the pliant flower.
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2. n., Name of a crustacean said to resemble lobster (no data).

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Ninole (ni-no'-le):

/ ni-no'-le / Parker Haw to Eng,

eating slowly. Name applied to several localities.

Land section and village, Honomū qd.; land section, homesteads, village, cove, and gulch, Honu-ʻapo qd., Hawaiʻi. There are freshwater springs at the Nīnole in Honu-ʻapo; see Pū-hau. A cannibalistic moʻo, Kaikapū (hag), lived at the Honu-ʻapo Nīnole; her pretty granddaughter led travelers to her cave, where she ate them raw (HM 264). Lit., bending.

Beach, cove, Punaluʻu, Hawaiʻi. Nīnole Cove is a small beach park seaward of the Seamountain Golf Course. The rocky shore has several small inlets, some of which have small pockets of black sand, and a spring-fed pond, Pūhau. On April 2, 1868, an extremely violent earthquake in Kaʻū generated a local tsunami that destroyed the coastal villages of Punaluʻu, Nīnole, Kāwā, and Honuʻapo. At Nīnole a man named Holoua and his wife escaped from their home and ran for higher ground, but as they ran Holoua remembered that he had money in the house. He turned and ran back to get it. As he entered his house, a wave of the tsunami struck, first carrying the house a short distance inland and then out to sea as it receded. Holoua ripped a plank from the collapsing structure, jumped into the ocean with it, and surfed the next incoming wave to shore and safety, the only person to have ever surfed a tsunami wave. The villagers on the hillside witnessed his ride, and it was reported in the April 29, 1868, edition of the Hawaiian Gazette. Lit., bending.

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