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1. nvs., Cut short, shortened, amputated; at an end, ceased; anything cut off short; short, brief, quick (rare).

  • Examples:
    • Ua muku koʻu lole, my dress is shortened.
    • He kanaka wāwae muku, a person with amputated foot.
    • Huli muku aʻela nā waʻa, the canoes turned sharply.
  • References:
    • PPN mutu.

2. n., A measure of length from fingertips of one hand to the elbow of the other arm, when both arms are extended to the side.

3. n., Broken section of a wave or crest.

4. (Cap.) Same as Mumuku, a wind.

5. (Cap.) n., Thirtieth night of the moon, when it has entirely disappeared (muku).

  • References:
    • Malo 35.

6. n., Starboard ends of ʻiako (outrigger booms), hence starboard sides of a canoe.

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kikino Starboard or right side of a single-hulled canoe when looking forward. Dic., ext. mng. Cf. ʻākea, ama. See entry below.

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kikino, Tight end, in football.

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