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vt. To raise to the mouth, as poi, or as a Chinese feeds rice into his mouth. Rare. Cf. ala, to rise.

1. n. An edible crab found in ponds and shallow water, probably Podophthalmus vigil.

2. vi. To relish food, as after having lost the appetite. Rare. Ke moʻala maila ka ʻono o ka ʻai, the savor of food has been renewed.

s. Name of a species of fish; he papai.

Moala (mō'-ā'-la), n.

/ mō'-ā'-la / Parker Haw to Eng,

A species of reddish colored crab.

Moala (mō'-ă'-la), v.

/ mō'-ă'-la / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. To relish food.

2. To take a large miki or morsel of food, as much as one or two fingers can convey to one's mouth.

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