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1. n., Lizard, reptile of any kind, dragon, serpent; water spirit.

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2. n., Succession, series, especially a genealogical line, lineage.

  • Examples:
    • Moʻo hihia (For. 5:303), series of difficulties, troubles.
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3. n., Story, tradition, legend (less common than moʻolelo).

4. n., Narrow strip of land, smaller than an ʻili.

5. n., Small fragment, as of tapa, not attached to a large piece.

6. n., Narrow path, track; raised surface extending lengthwise between irrigation streamlets.

7. n., Ridge, as of a mountain.

  • Examples:
    • Moʻo muku, ridge that is cut off.

8. n., Young, as of pigs, dogs; grandchild.

  • Examples:
    • Kuʻu moʻo lei, my beloved grandchild.

9. vs., Brindled, as a dog, favored for sacrifice to the moʻo spirits; streaked, tawny, as cattle; color of a tabby cat.

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10. n., Side planks fitted to the middle section on each side of a canoe hull, technically termed gunwale strakes.

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, supernatural being living usually in water; many were dangerous, some benevolent

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