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Reduplication of mino; to wither, as blighted fruit.

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v. See MINO. To wrinkle; to curl up; to ruffle, as paper or cloth, in opposition to smooth.

2. To languish; to be weak; to be feeble; to be infirm. Isa. 24:4.

3. To wither; to dry up, as grass. Isa. 40:7.

adj. Wrinkled; faded; withered; immature, as fruit untimely fallen or plucked. Isa. 34:4. Or as fruit prematurely fallen before fully grown. Kin. 41:23.

Mimino (mī'-mī'-no), adj.

/ mī'-mī'-no / Haw to Eng, Parker,

Wrinkled; faded; withered; immature, as fruit prematurely fallen or plucked.

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