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manini Pukui-Elbert Haw to Eng,

1. n., Very common reef surgeonfish (Acanthurus triostegus 🌐), also called convict tang, in the adult stage.

2. vs., Stingy.

  • References:
    • Cf. Fijian manini-taka, to hoard up like a miser.

3. n., A kind of banana generally eaten cooked; leaves and fruits green and white striped.

4. n., A variety of sugar cane, named for the fish.

5. n., A variety of dryland taro with striped petiole.

6. n., A variety of sweet potato.

7. nvs., Wrath, anger; angry.

8. vi., To pour, spill; irrigated.

  • Examples:
    • Manini aku a manini mai nā ʻōlelo ʻino, evil words poured out, poured back and forth.

9. (Cap.) n., Hawaiian name of a well-known Spanish immigrant, Francisco de Paula Marin 🌐, who knew Kamehameha for more than 25 years.

  • References:
    • Kuykendall 429.

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MA-NI-NI Andrews Haw to Eng,

v. Ma and nini, to spill over.

To spill or spatter out, as water in carrying.

2. To overflow; to run over, as water.

3. Hoo. To pour out water by little and little.

4. To be dashed, as water against the sides of a container by carrying it unsteadily.

MA-NI-NI Andrews Haw to Eng,

s. Name of a species of fish caught by diving down after it.

2. Name of a species of kalo.

MA-NI-NI Andrews Haw to Eng,

adj. Spilling; overflowing, as water.

Manini (mā'-nī'-ni), adj. / mā'-nī'-ni / Parker Haw to Eng,

Spilling: overflowing, as water. Same as nanini.

Manini (mă'-nĭ'-ni), n. / mă'-nĭ'-ni / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. A species of coral reef fish (Hepatus sandvicensis) caught by diving.

2. A variety of taro.

Manini (mā'-nĭ'-ni), v. / mā'-nĭ'-ni / Parker Haw to Eng,

[Ma and nini. to spill a little at a time.]

1. To spill or spatter out, as water in carrying.

2. To overflow; to run over, as water.

Manini Place Names of Hawaiʻi,

Beach near the south end of Ke-ala-ke-kua Bay, Hawaiʻi, said to be a new name; the old names were Ka-pahu-kapu (the sacred drum) and Wai-ʻamaʻu. Reef, East Maui. Gulch and cliff near Ka-ʻena Point, Oʻahu, named for the manini fish: a man who had been ordered by a chief on pain of death to find an answer to a riddle offered Hiʻiaka a manini fish in return for the answer. Way and street, Ka-lihi Uka and Wilhelmina Rise, Honolulu (the street was probably named for the Matson freighter Manini). Lit., surgeonfish.

Manini Hawaiʻi Place Names,

Beach, point, surf site, Nāpoʻopoʻo, Hawaiʻi. Storm beach of coral rubble at Manini Point across the bay from Nāpoʻopoʻo Landing. The surf site is at the point. The beach and point took their name from Manini Road, the access road to the point. Also known as Pahukapu. Lit., convict tang fish.

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