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1. vi. To stretch out, as arms, fingers, feet; to spread out, as the tentacles of an octopus; to protrude, as ears; to distend, as nostrils while breathing hard; swelling, as with disease (Ii 164). hoʻo.manana To stretch out, extend; to loosen, as a grip.

2. n. A variety of sweet potato.

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Offshore island, also known as Rabbit Island, a tuff cone (67 acres, 200 feet elevation), Koko Head qd.; land division, elementary school, and stream at Pearl City, Oʻahu.

Island (67 acres, 200 feet high), Waimānalo, Oʻahu. Part of the Hawaiʻi State Seabird Sanctuary. Tuff cone built around two vents, each marked by a crater. Tuff forms when hot magma encounters seawater and the explosion caused by the rapidly expanding steam blows the magma apart, forming a spray of ash. The ash quickly cements to form a firm rock called tuff. Also known as Rabbit Island. Lit., buoyant.

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