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1. nvs. Supernatural or divine power, mana, miraculous power; a powerful nation, authority; to give mana to, to make powerful; to have mana, power, authority; authorization, privilege; miraculous, divinely powerful, spiritual; possessed of mana, power.

  • Examples:
    • Mana makua, parental authority.
    • Leo mana, voice of authority that is obeyed.
    • Mana kiaʻi, guardian power.
    • Mana loa, great power; almighty.
    • Noho mana, to wield power, occupy a position of power.
    • Ke kumu … i mana ai ka ʻaoʻao aliʻi, the reason for giving the chief's side power.
    • E mana ana nō i ke konohiki (Kep. 159), it is the privilege of the landlords.
    • E mana nō ma ka lā ʻumi, effective on the tenth day [as a law].
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2. nvs. Branch, limb, crotch; crosspiece, as of the cross; a line projecting from another line; stream branch; road branch or fork, variant, version, as of a tale; to branch out, spread out.

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3. n. Hook used in catching eels.

4. n. Stage in growth of fish in which colors appear; stage of a foetus in which limbs begin to develop.

5. n. A native fern (Hypolepis punctata 🌐), with large, much subdivided fronds. The dark-brown mature stems were used to plait the best hats, after being scraped to remove the pulp.

6. n. A variety of taro used in medicine; it propagates by branching from the top of the corm. (HP 23.) Mana may be qualified by descriptive terms.

7. n. A taboo house in a heiau.

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Mana. To impart mana, hoʻomanamana.

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kikino Version, as of a computer program, network, etc.

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, 'supernatural power'

Heiau, Hālawa qd., Molokaʻi. Place, Wilhelmina Rise, Honolulu. Lit., supernatural power.

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