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1. nvs. Wind, breeze; gas in the stomach, flatulent wind; windy; to blow. Fig., anger, gossip; to show anger. Cf. ani. Makani nui, strong wind, gale. Makani ʻoluʻolu, fair wind. Mai walaʻau aʻe hoʻi o makani auaneʻi (saying), don't talk too much or the wind will blow [gossip]. Hāmau o makani auaneʻi, be still or there will be anger. Kali i ka makani ʻōahi, wait for the firebrand wind. (PPN matangi.)

2. n. Ghost, spirit. See kahuna makani.

3. interj. Call of sentinel, similar to “all's well”.

kikino, Wind.

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s. Wind; a breeze; air in motion.

2. The weather; the general state of the atmosphere.

3. The news; the report of some recent event; the gossip of a neighborhood.

Makani (mă'-kă'-ni), n.

Parker Haw to Eng,

Watchword; a word used by sentinels to give notice. (The word is generally used by watchmen set to protect against being taken unawares.)

Makani (mā'-kā'-ni), n.

Parker Haw to Eng,

Wind; a breeze; air in motion.

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