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1. n., A native twining shrub, Alyxia olivaeformis. St. John, 1975a, described four forms of maile based on leaf size and shape. They are believed to be sisters with human and plant forms and are listed below. They were considered minor goddesses of the hula. Maile kaluhea is also believed by some to be a sister. The maile vine has shiny fragrant leaves and is used for decorations and leis, especially on important occasions. It is a member of the periwinkle family. Laka, goddess of the hula, was invoked as the goddess of the maile, which was one of five standard plants used in her altar.

2. n., Maile sticks attached to the end of the ʻaukuʻu (pole) used for catching birds (the maile was gummed with lime, and birds perching on it were caught); name of a snare used in catching plovers around the leg; rod or wand used in the games of pūhenehene and ʻume; piece securing an ox's neck to the yoke.

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Maile (for various types, see Hawaiian to English entry and entries that follow it); maile haole, kāhili (crape myrtle); mākala, hakaka, muleko, moekahi.

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Land section, Schofield qd., Oʻahu, probably named for the maile vine.

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