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1. nvt., Portion, division, section, zone, lot, piece, quota, installment, bureau, department, precinct, category, scene or act in a play; share, as of stocks; measure in music; land division of 1848 (the great mahele); part or organ, as of the body; section or wing (military, see mokuna); denominator, in fractions; to divide, apportion, cut into parts, deal.

  • Examples:
    • Mahele lua, to divide into two parts.
    • Hōʻailona mahele, measure signature in music.
    • Mahele liʻiliʻi, small portion, bit, fragment.
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2. vt., To translate, interpret.

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kikino/hamani, Division, piece, portion, department, category, part, land division; to divide, apportion.

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kikinonoun Haw to Eng, Māmaka Kaiao,

kikino, Branch, as of a government.

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kikino Bracket, as in a sports tournament. Dic., ext. mng., sp. var. Māhele hāʻule. Consolation bracket. Māhele lanakila. Winner's bracket.

kikino Phylum in animal classification, or division in plant classification. Dic., ext. mng.

v. Ma and hele, to go; to move. To divide; to cut in pieces; to divide a portion to one, as land.

2. To divide or separate from one another, as people. Kin. 10:32. To divide into two parts, as an army. 1 Nal. 16:21.

3. To divide, as streams of water; as the sea. Puk. 14:21.

4. Hoo. To cause a division; to separate one thing from another.

Mahele (mā'-hē'-le), n.

Haw to Eng, Parker,

A portion; name given to a section of anything; a division; the act of dividing.

Mahele (mā'-hē'-le), v.

Haw to Eng, Parker,

To divide; to cut in two; to separate in two parts or pieces.

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