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vi., To remain long in one place.

  • References:
    • Kam. 64:109.

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/ mō.ʻī / Pukui-Elbert Haw to Eng,

1. n., King, sovereign, monarch, majesty, ruler, queen.

  • Source:
    • Perhaps related to ʻī, supreme. According to J. F. G. Stokes, the word moʻī, king, is of recent origin and was first in print in 1832. Temple image (Malo 162); lord of images (Malo 173); according to Kepelino and Kamakau, a rank of chiefs who could succeed to the government but who were of lower rank than chiefs descended from the god Kāne (For. 6:266). The term mōʻī was apparently not used in the Fornander legends collected in the 1860s nor in RC.
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2. Same as ʻawa mōʻī.

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