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1. All species of native fan palms (Pritchardia). (Neal 97–9.) Hats are plaited of its leaves bleached white. Also noulu. Cf. hāwane.

2. Umbrella, so called because the loulu palm leaf was formerly used as protection from rain or sun.

3. Alutera monoceros, a fish, perhaps so called because its greenish-white skin resembled the loulu palm; used in sorcery to cause death because the name contains the word lou, to hook.

4. Type of heiau said to be built for prevention of epidemics, famine, destruction; long rituals dedicating a temple including kauila nui, fetching of the ʻōhiʻa logs for images (haku ʻō hiʻa), kuili and hono rituals (Ii 38).

n. An endemic fern (Coniogramme pilosa) with leaves somewhat like those of the breadfruit tree (ʻulu) but the divisions narrower and deeper.

s. A tree with wide leaves; the fan-leafed palm tree.

2. The fruit of the loulu.

3. An umbrella, especially a Chinese umbrella.

4. A screen from the sun or rain, as the leaf was used for a covering.

5. The name of a species of fish.

adj. Lala loulu, the palm branching tree. 2 Oihl. 3:5.

2. Pointed; sharp, like the points at the ends of palm leaves.

Loulu (lō'-ū'-lu), adj.

/ lō'-ū'-lu / Parker Haw to Eng,

Pointed; sharp, like the points at the ends of palm leaves.

Loulu (lō'-ū'-lu), n.

/ lō'-ū'-lu / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. General name of a species of palm (Pritchardia gaudichaudii), Loulu lelo, and Louluhiwa, P. Martii.

2. The fruit or kernels of the loulu.

3. A species of fern growing at altitudes of 3000 to 5000 feet, found also in the Viti group, Japan, Malaysia, India and tropical Africa.

4. A species of fish (Alutera monoceros). Color brown mottled with darker spots.

5. Leaf of the loulu palm used as a protection from the rain or sun. Hence, in modern times, an umbrella.

Street, Mānoa, Honolulu, named for the native fan palm.

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