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1. Redup. of lohe; to listen carefully, attentively, with good hearing. He pepeiao lolohe, an ear with good hearing. hoʻo.lolohe To iisten carefully; to strain the ear to hear. He aliʻi ʻo ka lani, he moʻopuna na Lono, he hiapo na ke kini, hoʻololohe ua (chant), the heavenly one is a chief, a descendant of Lono, the first-born of a multitude [of long lineage], a listener to the rain [unafraid of rain because of high rank].

2. vs. Stubborn; hard to move, as a rock. Rare. Cf. hoʻokololohe. hoʻo.lolohe Caus/sim.

v. See LOHE. The intensive conj. of lohe, to hear. To hear quickly; to listen attentively, &c.; but the same word also signifies nearly the opposite; as,

2. Not to hear quickly; to make excuses; to procrastinate obedience; to be sluggish in obeying one's orders; to be heavy; to be dull; to be inattentive. Hoo. The same. NOTE.—The second definitions are probably from lohi, to be slow.

adj. The same in the adjective as in the verb. See above. Hearing quickly; giving ready attention; yielding quick obedience. &c.

2. Slow in hearing; dull; disobedient. Hoo. The same.

Lolohe (lō'-lŏ'-he), adj.

/ lō'-lŏ'-he / Parker Haw to Eng,

Hearing quickly; giving ready attention; yielding quick obedience, etc.

Lolohe (lō'-lŏ'-e), v.

/ lō'-lŏ'-e / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. Listen; hear; hearken.

2. To hear quickly; to listen attentively.

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