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1. nvs. Enough, sufficient, ample; to have enough, be satisfied.

  • References:
    • PNP lawa.

2. vs. Possessed of enough or ample knowledge, hence wise, capable, competent.

  • Examples:
    • Ua lawa ke ʻike, knowing a great deal.
    • Ua lawa i ka hānai keiki, wise in raising children.

3. vs. As soon as.

  • Examples:
    • I lawa nō ā pau ka hana, hoʻi kāua, as soon as the work is finished, we'll leave.

4. nvs. Strong, husky; strong man, as in a king's retinue.

5. vt. To bind, make fast, tie securely.

  • References:
    • PPN lawa.

6. vs. White, as of a cock or dog.

  • Examples:
    • Moa lawa, moa lawa kea, white cock.

7. A large shark fishhook.

  • References:
    • AP.

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v. To work out even to the edge or boundary of a land, i. e., to leave none uncultivated.

2. To fill a container up to the brim; hence,

3. To suffice; to be enough. Puk. 36:7. To satisfy.

4. Passively, to be satisfied; to have enough. Ioh. 6:7.

5. Hoo. To supply what is wanting. 1 Tes. 3:10.

6. To fulfill, as a task; to complete, as a job. Puk. 5:13.

s. The full finishing of a work.

2. The filling up of a vessel or container to the brim.

3. An enough; a sufficiency; a supply.

4. The name of a disease concerning which it is said, paapu ka opu i na iwi aoao.

5. A white fowl; he moa keokeo; such as was offered in sacrifice. Laieik. 49.

6. Name of a hook for catching sharks; he lawa ka makau mano.

7. The name of an office in the king's train.

adj. Sufficient; enough.

2. Full to the brim.

3. White; shining; he moa lawa, a white fowl. Laieik. 14.

Lawa (lā'-wā), adj.

/ lā'-wā / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. Sufficient; enough; ample; adequate.

2. Full to the brim.

3. White, applied to a fowl: He moa lawa, a white cock. (Laieik. p. 14.) See lawaaeae, lawakea.

Lawa (lā'-wă), n.

/ lā'-wă / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. A sufficiency; a supply.

2. A stomach disease of which it is said, paapu ka opu i na iwi aoao.

3. A hook for catching sharks.

4. An office in the king's retinue.

Lawa (lă'-wa), v.

/ lă'-wa / Haw to Eng, Parker,

To hold fast; to bind tightly.

Lawa (lā'-wă), v.

/ lā'-wă / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. To be enough; to be satisfied; to be supplied with; to have enough.

2. To be finished or completed, as a performance. Hoolawa is the transitive form.

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