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/ lapa.lapa / Haw to Eng, Pukui-Elbert,

1. Reduplication of lapa #1; steep-ridged, many-ridged.

  • Examples:
    • Ihu lapalapa, high-bridged nose.
    • Poʻo lapalapa, a square head.

2. Reduplication of lapa #2; to bubble, boil, blaze; to cavort.

  • Examples:
    • Wai lapalapa, boiling water.
  • References:
    • PPN lapalapa.

3. vs., Clotted.

4. n., Native mountain trees (Cheirodendron 🌐), in the panax 🌐 family, conspicuous for the slender-stemmed leaves, each leaf with three to five, rarely six or seven leaflets that flutter (lapalapa) in the breeze.

5. n., Name for a large mahimahi, dolphin.

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v. See LAPA. To rise or stand up, as water bubbles up in boiling; to protrude upwards; hence,

2. To boil in water; to seethe.

3. To blaze, as a fire in materials highly combustible, i. e., to project or protrude upwards, as a flame; hence, to blaze up, as a fire.

4. Hoo. To boil; to cook by boiling.

s. A ridge of earth; a sharp ridge between two valleys. Hal. 65:10. Generally written olapalapa.

2. The blaze of a fire; the flame. Puk. 3:2. The straight blaze of fire from an altar. Lunk. 13:20.

3. The flashing of a flame of fire.

4. The boiling or bubbling of a liquid in a vessel.

5. A square yard for cattle.

6. Timber hewed square or triangular.

7. A square glass bottle.

8. Several hillocks or mounds near each other.

9. The name of a large elegant tree with wide spreading branches; peculiar serrate leaves and light glossy green; found on the sides of Waialeale on Kauai.

adj. Flat or square, i. e., where the corners are prominent, either square or triangular.

Lapalapa (lā'-pă-lā'-pa), adj.

/ lā'-pă-lā'-pa / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. Flat or square, that is, where the corners are prominent, either square or triangular.

2. Ridgy; abounding in ridges; from lapa, a ridge.

3. Boiling with heat.

4. Transient; evanescent; suddenly recurring, said of lightning.

Lapalapa (lā'-pă-lā'-pa), v.

/ lā'-pă-lā'-pa / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. [Freq. of lapa, to jump and spring.]

1. To bubble up, as boiling water.

2. To be blazing, as a fire; to be greatly agitated or aroused, as in anger, love, desire, etc. Hoolapalapa is the transitive form.

3. [Lapa, a ridge, as one of the corners of a square-hewn timber.] To be flat.

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