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1. Redup. of lapa #1; steep-ridged, many-ridged. Ihu lapalapa, high-bridged nose. Poʻo lapalapa, a square head.

2. Redup. of lapa #2; to bubble, boil, blaze; to cavort. Wai lapalapa, boiling water. hoʻo.lapa.lapa To cause to blaze, boil, etc. Ipu hoʻolapalapa, boiler. (PPN lapalapa.)

3. vs. Clotted. Cf. lapa koko.

4. n. Native mountain trees (Cheirodendron), in the panax family, conspicuous for the slender-stemmed leaves, each leaf with three to five, rarely six or seven leaflets that flutter (lapalapa) in the breeze. (Neal 652.) Also ehu, kauila māhu, māhu, ʻōlapa, ʻōlapalapa. See also hū ʻōlapa.

5. n. Name for a large mahimahi, dolphin.

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v. See LAPA. To rise or stand up, as water bubbles up in boiling; to protrude upwards; hence,

2. To boil in water; to seethe.

3. To blaze, as a fire in materials highly combustible, i. e., to project or protrude upwards, as a flame; hence, to blaze up, as a fire.

4. Hoo. To boil; to cook by boiling.

s. A ridge of earth; a sharp ridge between two valleys. Hal. 65:10. Generally written olapalapa.

2. The blaze of a fire; the flame. Puk. 3:2. The straight blaze of fire from an altar. Lunk. 13:20.

3. The flashing of a flame of fire.

4. The boiling or bubbling of a liquid in a vessel.

5. A square yard for cattle.

6. Timber hewed square or triangular.

7. A square glass bottle.

8. Several hillocks or mounds near each other.

9. The name of a large elegant tree with wide spreading branches; peculiar serrate leaves and light glossy green; found on the sides of Waialeale on Kauai.

adj. Flat or square, i. e., where the corners are prominent, either square or triangular.

Lapalapa (lā'-pă-lā'-pa), adj.

/ lā'-pă-lā'-pa / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. Flat or square, that is, where the corners are prominent, either square or triangular.

2. Ridgy; abounding in ridges; from lapa, a ridge.

3. Boiling with heat.

4. Transient; evanescent; suddenly recurring, said of lightning.

Lapalapa. (lā'-pă-lā'-pa), n.

/ lā'-pă-lā'-pa / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. A ridge of earth; a sharp ridge between two valleys.

2. A cluster of mounds or hillocks.

3. A blaze; a flash of a flame.

4. Boiling or bubbling of a liquid.

5. Timber hewn square.

6. A forest tree, also called olapa and mahu, bark and leaves used for a dye.

Lapalapa (lā'-pă-lā'-pa), v.

/ lā'-pă-lā'-pa / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. [Freq. of lapa, to jump and spring.]

1. To bubble up, as boiling water.

2. To be blazing, as a fire; to be greatly agitated or aroused, as in anger, love, desire, etc. Hoolapalapa is the transitive form.

3. [Lapa, a ridge, as one of the corners of a square-hewn timber.] To be flat.

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