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Redup. of lawe, to carry; thrilling, overwhelmed, transported with emotion; to itch. Ka lalawe ninihi launa ʻole (song) a quiet transport unsurpassing [love]. hoʻo.lalawe To produce thrills, itching.

v. See LAWE, to take. To take something from another; to take out of.

2. To pinch; to get hold of to remove.

3. To scrateh where it itches; to feel the sensation of itching.

Lalawe (lā'lā'-wĕ), v.

/ lā'lā'-wĕ / Haw to Eng, Parker,

[Lawe, to take.] To take something from another; to take out of.

Lalawe (lā'-lā'-wĕ), v.

/ lā'-lā'-wĕ / Haw to Eng, Parker,

To have an uneasy changing sensation on the skin, as of an itching eruption.

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