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1. interjection, Call to attract ʻuaʻu, petrel birds, believed in imitation of their sound.

2. n., Fishhook with point of hook curved inward almost to the shaft, used for large fish.

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1. vi., To push with the elbows, to elbow; to move back and forth, as a piston or as the action of the tide.

2. vs., Deformed, malformed.

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/ kū.ʻē / Haw to Eng, Pukui-Elbert,

nvt., To oppose, resist, protest; opposite, versus, adverse, contrary, antagonistic, unwilling; objection. Literally, stand different.

  • Examples:
    • He manaʻo kūʻē, an opposite meaning.
    • Kūʻē i ka palapala kauoha, to contest a will.
    • Kūʻē i kō haʻi manaʻo, to oppose others' views; intolerant.
    • Nā kāhuna kūʻē i ka Pope, ministers opposed to the Pope, Protestant ministers.

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v. Ku, to stand, and e, opposite. To be opposed; to be contrary; to be strange.

2. To act contrary to authority; to oppose the civil government.

3. Hoo. To set against; to oppose. Ier. 21:10. To cause to oppose. Kanl. 2:30.

4. To oppose, as the bow of a canoe to the wind. NOTE.—Kue has been written as one word and as two, in which case the e is an adverb; thus, ku e, to stand against, i.e., be opposite to.

s. Opposition; strife; commotion.

2. The crooked side timbers in a ship; he laau wae kekee.

3. Any object with an angle.

4. Name of a species of fish-hook.

Kue (kŭ-ē'), n.

/ kŭ-ē' / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. Opposition; strife; commotion.

2. Opposer.

Kue (kŭ-ē'), v.

/ kŭ-ē' / Haw to Eng, Parker,

[Ku, to stand, and e, opposite.]

1. To be opposed; to be contrary; to be against; to resist; to act contrary to authority. See hookue.

Kue (ku'e), v.

/ ku'e / Haw to Eng, Parker,

To push with the elbows.

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