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1. nvt., Belt; to put on a belt.

2. vt., To swap, exchange, trade.

  • Source:
    • English.

Nā LepiliTags: economics

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hamani, To exchange, as of gases in the body; to trade, in math; to change or replace, as in a search-and-replace feature in a computer program.

  • Source:
    • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning
  • Examples:
    • Huli a kuapo. To find and change, search and replace.

Nā LepiliTags: science math computers

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hehele, To rotate, in volleyball; also to switch sides.

  • Source:
    • Niʻihau.

Nā LepiliTags: sports volleyball Niʻihau

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Kaha kuapo. A curved line written over a word or letter and then under the adjoining word or letter to indicate that the order of the words or letters should be reversed, in proofreading.

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