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s. The name of a species of fish.

s. The eating of fresh fish pounded up finely and mixed with other things. NOTE.— The malolo was the fish frequently served up in this way.

s. A swelling up of the cheeks, perhaps the abdomen, from rich eating, perhaps from disease.

Kualakai (kū'-ă-lă-kā'i), adj.

/ kū'-ă-lă-kā'i / Haw to Eng, Parker,

Large; fleshy; full; very fat.

Kualakai (kū'-ă-lă-kā'i), n.

/ kū'-ă-lă-kā'i / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. A sea-slug (Nudibranchiata), called also pilikoa.

2. The eating of fresh fish pressed to a pulp and mixed with other ingredients. (The malolo was the fish frequently served in this manner.)

3. A swelling of the body from eating rich food or from disease

Kualakai (kū-ă-lă-kā'i), v.

/ kū-ă-lă-kā'i / Haw to Eng, Parker,

[Kuala, to toss with the hand, and kai, a liquid dressing for food.]

1. To prepare raw fish for food by pressing to a pulp: Kualakai iho ka ia, Press the fish to a pulp. (So called because the food thus prepared was tossed into the mouth.)

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