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1. nvs., Brave, bold, fearless, valiant; bravery, courage.

  • Examples:
    • Aʻo nō i ke koa, aʻo nō i ka holo (saying, Kel. 45), learn bravery, learn to run [be brave but prudent in war].
  • References:

2. nvs., Soldier, warrior, fighter; military, hero, martial.

3. n., The largest of native forest trees (Acacia koa 🌐), with light-gray bark, crescent-shaped leaves, and white flowers in small, round heads. A legume with fine, red wood, a valuable lumber tree, formerly used for canoes, surfboards, calabashes, now for furniture and ukuleles. A small koa was sometimes added to the hula altar to Laka, goddess of the hula, to make the dancer fearless.

  • Examples:
    • E ola koa, live like a koa tree [i.e. long].
  • References:

4. (Cap.) n., Name of a wind at Mālei, Molokaʻi.

  • References:
    • For. 5:103.

5. n., Land crocodile (RSV), chameleon (KJV). (Pronunciation uncertain.)

  • References:
    • Oihk. 11.

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Papa helu loliWehewehe Wikiwiki update log

s., A barren, fruitless plant or tree.

2. A soldier; plural, soldiers; an army; a multitude.

3. The horned coral; the same as akoakoa; the coral rock; koa ahi and koa opelu, places among the coral rocks where the fishes ahi and opelu are found; o ke koa a lakou e lawaia ai, the coral is where they fished; he puu koa, a clump of coral rocks.

4. A mean beggar.

5. The name of a large tree growing on the mountains, good for furniture, of which canoes are made and instruments of war.

6. A mistake in speaking or acting; doing what was not designed.

7. In geography, a sound; a strait; a channel; waha koa, a strait. See KOWA.

8. A broad, prominent forehead.

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1. adj., Brave; bold, as a soldier.

2. Dry; without moisture.

3. Unfruitful, as a plant or tree.

4. Unsteady; irregular in habit.

adv., Boldly; without fear; e olelo koa, speak boldly.

Avenue, Wai-kīkī, Honolulu, named for Prince David Ka-wānanakoa. (TM.) Lit., brave.

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