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1. vs. Crescent-shaped; having corners like a cocked hat.

2. n. Doorframe, covering for doorframe; side posts of a door, house post on a heiau; door casing (cf. kukuna). Cf. kihi.

3. vi. To dodge or move about quickly, especially with quick turning of sharp corners; canoe sailing, to sail.

kikino Doorframe. Dic.

1. n., A sailing about in a canoe with a sail.

2. n., Walking about quickly. Both (1) and (2) are generally used with a prefix: as he holo kikihi.

3. n., The brim of a broad-brimmed turned up hat

4. n., A door frame.

5. n., The side posts of a door; the door casing. Also called kukuna and kikina. The door itself is now generally puka.

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