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1. vi. To roll, turn, twist, wallow, wind, braid, revolve; to scud or move along, as clouds; to wield, as a club; rolling, twisting, turning, sloping.

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2. n. Vehicle, carriage, wagon, automobile, car, cart, coach, buggy.

3. vi. To go past, pass by, reach; to be in a state of; to be located at; to take effect, as medicine; gone, absent, past, turned over, transferred, delivered.

  • Examples:
    • Kaʻa loa lākou i waena o ka waha o ua moʻo nei (For. 5:413), they went straight into the middle of the mouth of this lizard.
    • Ua kaʻa ʻoia i ka maʻi, he is confined with illness.
    • Kaʻa iho nō ā kaʻa iho nō i ka maʻi, sick again and again.
    • Kaʻa i ka lawa, it's enough, sufficient.
    • He mau lā e kaʻa aʻe, several days gone by.
    • Kaʻa ka pilikia mahope, the trouble is gone.

4. vi. To pay; paid.

  • Examples:
    • Ua kaʻa kuʻu ʻaiʻē, my debt is paid.

5. vi. To manage, run, be in charge of; given, as work to a person; well versed, skilled (used very broadly to indicate custom, nature, character, habit.

6. n. Resin.

7. vt. To wipe dry with a cloth, as dishes. Kaʻū.

8. n. Pulley.

9. See hoana kaʻa.

10. n. Tale, legend (now replaced by kaʻao).

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nvt., Thread, line, as of olonā fiber; snell of a fishline, snood; ply, twist, strand; to make thread, as of olonā.

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kikinonoun Māmaka Kaiao Haw to Eng,

kikino, Ground vehicle with wheels or runners.

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    • Existing dictionary word

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v., To radiate. See KA #5. To go out, as rays of light from the sun; as cinders from a red hot iron; to turn every way, as bones in a socket joint. Anat. 18.

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v. To roll, as a wheel; e olo kaa; to travel about from place to place; often with puni.

2. To operate; to take effect, as an emetic or cathartic.

3. To pass off or out from; to go out from the presence of one.

4. To fall away; to leave one party to join another. 1 Oihl. 12:19. See KAANA.

5. To remove; to change one's place; to be transferred to another. Nah. 36:9. To cause to be done; to be gone; ua kaa na peelua, the worms (peeluas) are done, i. e., the time for them is past. Isa. 10:25.

6. To be sick; to suffer pain in sickness; to lie or be confined with long sickness. Isa. 51:20.

7. To mourn, as in the loss of relatives; kaa kumakena na wahine i na kane i kela la i keia la, wives were sick with weeping for their husbands every day.

8. To pay a debt; e emo kaa koke ae no ka aie a ke alii, very soon will be paid the debt of the chief; to postpone; to put off; to put aside. Oih. 5:34.

9. Hoo. To roll off; to remove.

s. A tradition; a legend. See KAAO.

2. A cross; same as kea.

3. Anything that rolls or turns, as a top, a wheel of a carriage, a carriage itself, a cart, wagon or chariot. Kin. 46:5. Kaa i uhiia, a covered wagon. Nah. 7:3. A grindstone.

4. The branch of a vine.

5. A name given to all kinds of foreign timber, except oak.

6. A strand of a cord; a rope; the string that fastens a fish-hook to the line.

7. A path to walk in. Hal. 6:11.

8. A shrub.

adv. Gone; absent; no more.

Gone; absent; no more.

1. Anything that rolls or turns, as a top or a carriage wheel; a carriage itself; a cart; wagon or chariot; a grindstone: kaa i uhiia, a covered wagon.

2. All kinds of foreign timber, except oak.

3. Same as puukaa, a rolling hill.

4. One of the twists of fiber composing a rope.

5. Primitive form of kaao, legend. From kaa, v., to roll off (orally).

Thread made of fiber; a very small twist or thread used to fasten a hook to the fish-line.

1. To radiate; to go out, as rays of light from the sun; as sparks from a red hot iron.

2. To turn every way, as bones in a socket joint.

3. To roll; roll off. See olokaa.

4. To revolve; to roll, as a wheel.

5. To take effect as a cathartic. Syn: Naha.

6. To be over; to be done; to be past: ua kaa na peelua; the caterpillars are past.

7. Word expressing a continuous or protracted state: as ua kaa oia i ka mai; he is confined with long sickness. Literally, he revolves in sickness, rolls around in illness.

8. Pay; satisfy; set aside.

the burning. Land section, Lanai.

to roll. Land section, Lanai.

  • Point, northeast Lānaʻi.
  • Coastal area, Pāʻia qd., Maui.
  • Hill and gulch, ʻĪlio Pt. qd., Molokaʻi.

Literally, rolling.

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/ Ka-ʻā / Place Names of Hawaiʻi WahiLocation,

Large land section, west Lānaʻi. Literally, the burning or the rock.

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Fishpond, Keōmuku, Lānaʻi. One of two precontact fish-ponds on the shore of the former Keōmuku village. Literally, the [aʻā] lava, or the fiery burning one.

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