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1. nvt. To gather, as fruit; to break off neatly, as taro corm from the stalk with a stick or knife; to split, as breadfruit; to dig (For. 4:510); splitter, as stick, stone, knife. Nā wāhine kōhi noni (FS 217), the noni-gathering women [an insult to Pele, perhaps likening her disposition to sour noni fruit]. (PPN tofi.)

2. nvs. Fat, rich, as food; fatness. Nā kōhi kelekele o Kapuʻu-kolu, the rich foods of Ka-puʻu-kolu [Kauaʻi, famous for abundance].

3. vt. To fill or heal, of a wound. Ke kōhi maila ka ʻiʻo, the flesh is beginning to heal.

4. nvt. To hold back, check, restrain: to strain, especially as in childbirth, to travail; to hold or hold back by pressing a person's arm, as in withholding consent, or as in urging someone not to be generous; labor pains, travail. Fig., agony, fear. Cf. haukōhi, kāohi. hoʻo.kōhi Caus/sim.. Also haʻakōhi.

5. vs. Prolonged, as a sound; long. He kōhi ka leo, the sound is long.

v. To dig; to make a hole or cavity in the ground; to dig, as a well. Puk. 7:24. To dig in the ground. Isa. 5:2. SYN. with eli.

2. To take up; to separate, as the kalo from the huli.

3. To prevent; to hinder; to hold back.

4. Haa. To travail in birth; to endure the pains of child-birth. Gal. 4:19.

s. Hoo. The first or commencing pains of child-birth. See HAAKOKOHI. The throes of child-birth pains.

2. A fat piece of pork; a piece of fat.

3. A swinging off or outside.

Kohi (kō'-hi), n.

/ kō'-hi / Parker Haw to Eng,

A piece of fat.

Kohi (kō'-hi), v.

/ kō'-hi / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. To dig; to make a hole in the ground; to dig, as a well. Syn: Eli.

2. To hold back; to check; to restrain, as in restraint of one's forward movement.

3. To separate from or disunite.

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