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1. nvi. To go down, descend; downhill, towards the sea; to subside; go south or before the wind; descent.

  • References:
    • PPN hifo.

2. n. Core, as of an apple, breadfruit, or pandanus; cob, as or corn; heart, as of celery: spongy white growth in the center of a sprouted coconut, sometimes called coconut sponge (cf. lolo niu); pith, spadix; flesh of the octopus after the skin is removed; axis, as of the earth; axle, as of a wheel.

  • References:
    • PPN uso, PCP iso.

3. n. Collective terms for inner layers of white sleeping tapas below the kilohana.

4. n. Block used in plaiting a hat to give shape to the crown.

5. n. Battery, electric plug.

6. directional. Down, below.

  • Examples:
    • Maluna iho, just barely on top.
    • Hele iho, go down, descend.
  • References:
    • Table 12, Gram. 7.2.
    • PPN hifo.

7. Same part. and reference as above but with reflexive meaning, often following words describing activities of the body, as eating, drinking, thinking.

  • Examples:
    • ʻAi iho, to eat.
    • Noʻonoʻo iho, to think.
    • Make wai ihola ʻo Kāwika (Oihn. 11.17), David was thirsty.
  • References:
    • PPN hifo.

8. Same part. and reference as above, with meaning “self” personally.

  • Examples:
    • E hana ʻoia nona iho, he will work for himself.
    • Paʻakiki ma kāna iho (Kep. 103), stubborn with his own self.
    • ʻO au iho nō me ka mahalo, I am, yours respectfully.

9. Same part. and reference as iho 6–8, but used with words of time, usually present or future, but past if followed by nei.

  • Examples:
    • Mahope iho, afterwards.
    • Kēia Lāpule iho, this coming Sunday.
    • ʻO ko manawa ihola nō ia, it's just the time.
    • ʻĀnō iho nei, just now, just a short time ago, recently.
    • I kēia mau lā iho nei, a few days ago.

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kikino, Battery.

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    • Existing dictionary word
  • References:

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kikino, Axle, i.e. a shaft on which a wheel turns.

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kikino, Axis, in math.

  • Existing dictionary word
  • References:

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kikino, Nucleus of a syllable, in linguistics.

  • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning

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v. To go down; to descend, as from a higher to a lower place. Nah. 12:5. To go down from an eminence. Puk. 19:24. E iho ana i ka pali, descending a precipice.

2. Hoo. To cause to descend; to bring down, as a punishment. 1 Nal. 2:9.

3. To cause to fall. Ezek. 26:20.

s. The pith of a vegetable; he iho laau ka mea mawaena o ka laau, the pith of a tree is what is in the center of the tree.

2. In geography, the pole of the earth; he iho ko ka honua a puka ma na aoao elua, the earth has a pith (pole) coming out at both sides; ka iho kukui. See IHOIHO.

s. Name of the inferior kapas in a set, the best being the kilohana.

A verbal directive, which implies,

1. Motion or tendency downward.

2. It implies succession, and is used much in narrative tenses; generally followed by la. Gram.§ 233,§ 234, 3d;§ 237,§ 239.

is also used after adverbs of time, and expresses succession of time; as, mahope iho, after that. Lunk. 1:1. lho nei, just now.

following nouns or pronouns, is equivalent to self or selves; as, e malama ia oukou iho, take care of your selves; eia ko'u manao no'u iho, here is my opinion of myself. It is equivalent to own after a possessive; as, kona iho, his own.

Iho (ĭ'-hŏ), adv.

/ ĭ'-hŏ / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. At that time; then. (In English it is generally understood, as: Uwe iho la ia; he (then) cried.)

2. Just; exactly; precisely: ano iho nei, just now.

1. n., The soft tissue in the center of the stems and branches of oxogenous plants; the pith.

2. n., The axis of the earth.

3. n., The axle or axle-tree, as of a wheel. See paepaekomo.

4. n., An inferior grade of tapa; the superior being known as kilohana.

5. n., The medial sheet of a set of kuina tapa.

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Iho (ĭ'-hŏ), prep.

/ ĭ'-hŏ / Haw to Eng, Parker,

To or towards a lower place; down: Lele iho oe; you jump down.

Iho (ĭ-hŏ), pron.

/ ĭ-hŏ / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. Self used with nouns or pronouns. Eia ko'u manao no'u iho; here is my opinion of myself.

2. Own: used after a possessive. Kona iho; his own.

Iho (ĭ'-hŏ), v.

/ ĭ'-hŏ / Haw to Eng, Parker,

To go down; to descend, as from a higher to a lower place.

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