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1. pronoun, He, she, it.

  • Examples:
    • He inoa ia, it's a name.
    • No ia hoʻi, therefore; for this reason.
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2. demonstrative, This, that, aforementioned.

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v. Hoo. To enter; to be received, as into the mouth.

v. To beat or pound, as in making kapa.

s. The name of the mallet used in beating kapa.

prep. Used before proper names of persons, and before pronouns, as i is before common nouns. See I, prep. It signifies, to; of; for; by; with; on account of; in respect of, &c. See Gram.§ 126, 6.

adv. In the beginning of a sentence, and before a pronoun, it refers to time; when ; at that time, &c.; as, ia lakou i noho ai ilaila, while they lived there; ia manawa make iho la ke alii, at that time the chief died.

pers. pron., third pers. sing. He; she; it; more rarely in the sense of it, for which Hawaiians use a periphrasis; thus: ia kanaka, ia wahine, ia mea, kela, keia, &c. Gram.§ 137, 140, 3d.

pron. adj. This; that; according as the thing referred to is present or absent.

annexed to verbs, forms the passive voice of all the conjugations; as, ua alohaia mai kakou, we are beloved. This sign of the passive voice may be annexed to the verb and form one word, or it maybe separated, one or more words intervening; as, ua lawe malu ia ke dala, the money was taken secretly. Gram.§ 211. NOTE.— Sometimes letters are inserted before the ia; as, awahia, it is bitter, for awaia.

s. Pronounced yah. Eng. A yard in length.

1. n., Fish: a general name for all vertebrate animals with gills retained through life, living in water.

2. n., Meat of any kind, as distinguished from ai (food).

3. n., The galaxy; the Milky Way.

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Same as ie.

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