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1. Reduplication of humu; to sew, of many or continuously.

  • Examples:
    • E hoʻouna ana mākou i nā puke e paʻi ʻia a e humuhumu ʻia, we are sending the books to be printed and bound.

2. n., Trigger fish.

  • References:
    • PPN sumusumu.

3. n., A variety of taro with coloring like that of the humuhumu (fish); the leaf stem is pink at base, dark-purple midway and green above.

  • References:
    • HP 18, 32.

4. n., A dark-colored birthmark, believed to be the result of the pregnant mother's eating humuhumu (fish).

5. vt., To destroy, ravage.

  • Examples:
    • ʻAi humuhumu ka maʻi i nā kānaka, the disease ravaged the people.

6. n., Seam.

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v. Freq. of humu. To sew; to stitch; to fasten by sewing. Puk. 18:6.

adj. Mea humuhumu rope ano e, needle-work; embroidery. Puk. 35:37.

s. A sewing; a stitching; a fastening together.

2. A species of fish.

3. A dark spot or mole on the cheek.

Humuhumu (hū'-mŭ-hū'-mu), adj.

/ hū'-mŭ-hū'-mu / Parker Haw to Eng,

Descriptive of work done with needle and thread or fiber. Mea humuhumu ano e, a strange thing for sewing.

Humuhumu (hū'-mŭ-hū'-mu), n.

/ hū'-mŭ-hū'-mu / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. A species of trigger fish. (Balistes capistratus.) Color, light drab with darker cloudings; a narrow distinct white line from near angle of mouth to origin of soft anal.

2. A dark-colored spot on the human body; a mole.

Humuhumu (hū'-mŭ-hū'-mu), v.

/ hū'-mŭ-hū'-mu / Parker Haw to Eng,

[Freq. of humu.] To sew; to unite or fasten by a series of stitches; to fasten by sewing.

Beach, point, Kaʻū, Hawaiʻi. Black sand beach on the south side of Humuhumu Point at the base of a small littoral cone. At the end of Road to the Sea. Lit.,, the trigger fish.

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