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vt. To lift, raise, draw up, as a skirt; to pull, pry; to pitch and toss, as a ship on the waves; to move along, as a ship; to flap wings; to trot, as a horse. Cf. papa hulei. hoʻo.hulei Caus/sim. to trot, cause to trot, move back and forth. (PPN fule.)

v. To place on high; to put up on a precipice; to be lifted up, as a female's dress by the wind.

Hulei (hŭ'-lē'i), v.

/ hŭ'-lē'i / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. To lift up; to raise or lift the cover of.

2. To draw up or shorten, as a woman lifts her dress in crossing a wet road.

3. To be lifted or turned over, as by storm or quake.

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