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1. nvi., Club, association, society, corporation, company, institution, organization, band, league, firm, joint ownership, partnership, union, alliance, troupe, team; to form a society or organization; to meet, intermingle, associate, congregate.

  • Source:
    • Probably hū #7 + -i, transitivizer; cf. Gram. 6.6.4.
  • Examples:
    • A hui hou aku, goodby; till [we] meet again.
  • hoʻohui Caus/sim.; To form a society.
    • Palapala hoʻohui, charter, as of an association.
  • References:

2. nvi., To join, unite, combine, mix; combination.

  • Examples:
    • Hui ʻia, united, joined, joint.
    • Nā mahele i hui ʻia, combined precincts.
    • Hui ka ʻaha, to press together, of a crowd; to mingle, as two sides at the conclusion of an athletic competition (For. 5:407).
    • Ka hui ʻia o ka loa a me ka laulā, pēlā e loaʻa mai ai ka ʻalea, the multiplication of the length and the width, thus is obtained the area.
  • References:

3. n., A plus sign.

4. n., Cluster, as of grapes or coconuts; bunch, as of bananas.

5. n., Chorus of a song.

6. n., Flippers of a turtle.

  • Examples:
    • Ua loha nā hui o Hāʻupu, the flippers of Hāʻupu droop [an aged person, a reference to the story of Kana and Niheu, in which a turtle lifted up Hāʻupu hill on Molokaʻi].

7. Variant of huli, to turn, seek.

  • Examples:
    • Hui iho nei ka waʻa a Kamohoaliʻi (chant), Kamohoaliʻi's canoe turned.

8. n., Small uniting stick in a thatched roof, supporting rod for purlins.

9. vi., To disperse, as a meeting.

10. A prayer on the morning after ʻanāʻanā sorcery. (For. 6:17.) (Pronunciation uncertain: perhaps huʻi.)

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interjection, Halloo.

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1. nvs., Ache, pain; aching.

  • Examples:
    • Niho huʻi, toothache.
  • References:

2. n., A prayer.

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hehele, To intersect, as lines on a grid, in math.

  • Source:
    • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning
  • References:

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kikino, Conference, in sports.

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v. To mix; to unite together, as different things; to unite, as an aha with the spectators; hence, hui ka aha, to break up the assembly. Laieik. 47.

2. To add one thing to another. Kin. 28:9.

3. To assemble, together, as people for business.

4. To agree in opinion; to have a union of thought; ua hui pu ka manao.

5. To bend; to turn one way then another, as the voice in rising and falling in reading music.

6. To ache; to be in pain.

7. Hoo. To add one thing to another; to connect. Luk. 3:20.

8. To unite, as in a treaty; to make affinity. 1 Nal. 3:1.

9. To collect together, as men.

10. To meet; to mingle; to come together, as waters.

11. To meet, as persons long separated.

s. A uniting; an assembling.

2. A cluster or collection of things; as, hui maia, a bunch of bananas; hui kalo, a kalo hill; hui waina, a cluster of grapes; hui niu, a cluster of cocoanuts.

3. The flippers of the sea-turtle.

4. The small uniting sticks in a thatched house, parallel with the posts and rafters and between them.

5. Bodily pain; rheumatic pain; niho hui, the toothache.

6. The name of the prayer on the morning after the anaana. See HUIHUI.

adj. Cool; cold; chilly, as the morning air from the mountain; i hoomanawanui ai hoi kaua i ka hau huihui o ke kakahiaka; cold, as cold water. Mat. 10:42.

Hui (hū'ĭ), adj.

/ hū'ĭ / Parker Haw to Eng,

Cold, cool, chilly.

Hui (hū'-i), n.

/ hū'-i / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. A coming together of two or more things; a uniting; an assembly. (In the Maori language, hui, meet, come together.)

2. A union or association of persons designated for a common purpose, as planting, fishing, dancing, etc.

3. The flippers of the sea-turtle.

Hui (hū'i), n.

/ hū'i / Parker Haw to Eng,

Inflammatory pain of the muscles; inflamation of the muscles; rheumatic pain, ache. In general, ache in any physical organ: niho hui, tooth ache.

Hui (hū'-i), n.

/ hū'-i / Parker Haw to Eng,

Same as hu'i.

Hui (hū'-i), v.

/ hū'-i / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. To unite; to come together; to assemble.

2. To add to: E hui keia me kela, Add this to that.

3. To agree; to be like-minded.

Hui (hū'i), v.

/ hū'i / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. To ache.

2. An elided form of huli, to turn.

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