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1. vi. To run, sail, ride, go; to flow, as water; to run, as for political office; to slide, as an avalanche; fleet, fast; double time; landslide; to fare, progress.

  • Examples:
    • Holo ka hana, fast work.
    • Ua holo ka ulu ʻana o ka pēpē, the baby is growing fast.
    • Ka mea e holo ana, whatever goes; however it goes or happens.
    • Pehea ka holo ʻana? How is it going? What fortune?
  • References:

2. vs. Decided, determined, agreed upon, settled, approved, passed, enacted.

  • Examples:
    • Ua holo kō kāua manaʻo, we have agreed.
    • Ua holo ke kumu kūʻai, the price is agreed upon.

3. n. Noose.

4. n. Running hula step to the side; similar to kāholo except that the feet are not necessarily brought together

5. n. A long bundle, as of hard poi.

6. vt. To sew, as a break in a gourd calabash.

7. n. Holes in edge of a canoe, through which lashings were passed to hold a canoe cover in place.

  • References:
    • Malo 135.

8. n. Diagonal pole or strut attached to the inner side of the roof framework and extending obliquely from the upper end of a rafter at one corner to the lower end of the rafter at the other corner.

9. n. Loss of a pebble in the kōnane game.

  • References:
    • For. 4:57.

10. n. Hall.

  • Source:
    • English

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kikino/hehele, Run.

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v. To go fast; to move generally, like hele.

1. To travel in any way, i. e., to run or ride or sail.

2. To put or thrust in, as the hand into the bosom.

3. To flee away; to go swiftly.

4. To run, as the thought, i. e., to decree; to decide. Ioan. 9:22.

5. Hoo. To ride on horseback, or on a camel. 1 Sam. 30:17.

6. To cause to ride, i. e., to carry in any vehicle, as a carriage. 1 Oihl. 13:7.

7. To slip; to cause to slide down, as an avalanche.

8. To stretch out, as the hand for taking anything; to reach forth, as the hand. Lunk. 3:21.

9. Hooholo manao, to take council; to consult. Isa. 30:1. See No. 4.

10. To promise; to agree with; to pass, as the sentence of a judge.

11. To decide by vote of a deliberate body; ua hooholo, it was voted; it passed; it was decreed. NOTE.—The common formula is, ua holo ka manao, the thought goes, or a shorter form is, ua holo, it runs, i. e., the vote is carried.

s. A running; a racing; a going; a moving.

2. A bundle; holo ai, a bundle of food.

adj. Running; moving; sailing; racing; he lio holo, he moku holo.

Running; moving; sailing; racing; he lio holo, he moku holo.

1. A running; a racing; a going; a moving.

2. A bundle: holo ai, a bundle of food.

3. A sudden descent of anything; a mass of rock and earth sliding down a mountain side.

1. To move smoothly or quickly; to go fast; to run; to flee; to strive in a race; to be-come a candidate (of modern ap plication).

2. To sail; to move by sail or paddle on the water; to begin a voyage.

3. To have a thing concluded or settled in mind: Ua holo or ua holo ia manao, it goes.

4. To slide.

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