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1. vt., To give, transfer, go (followed by directionals).

  • Examples:
    • E hō mai i ka ʻai (Kin. 43.31), set on food.
    • Hō mai i wai noʻu, give me some water.
    • Ē ke aloha, hō mai he leo (FS 275), O my love, give your voice.
    • E hō aʻe kāua, let us go.
    • Hō aʻe kāua i ka ihu o ka lio i ka ulu kukui (song), let's turn the nose of the horse toward the candlenut grove.
  • References:

2. vi., To wheeze, breathe hard.

3. n., Hoe, colter of a plow.

  • Source:
    • English.
  • Examples:
    • Me kāna hō, a me kāna koʻilipi (1 Sam. 13.20), with his colter and his axe.

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v. To transfer, i. e., to bring here or carry away, according as it is followed by mai or aku. See MAI and AKU. Gram.§ 233 and 234. As, ho mai, bring here; ho aku, carry away.

2. To bring; to present. 1 Sam. 17:10. To give or put away, as money at interest. Hal. 15:5.

3. To carry or cause to be conveyed; to transport; to remove.

4. To produce; to bring forward, as food on to the table. Kin. 43:31.

v. To cry out in a clamorous manner

2. Hoo. To cause the voice to be raised; to raise the voice to a high pitch.

3. To speak together, as in voting viva voce; to proclaim; to shout acclamation of approval. Puk. 24:3.

4. To shout in triumph. Ios. 6:5. Hooho olioli, to triumph over one. Hal. 41:11.

5. To cry out for fear; to cry out in distress. Nah. 14:1.

6. To wheeze; to breathe hard, as in the asthma; to snort; to blow, as a horse. See HOOHO in its place.

s. The asthma; the lowing of cattle, &c.

2. Eng. A farming utensil; a hoe; the colter of a plow. 1 Sam. 13:20.

This syllable (see the two articles above) has a meaning of its own, and as such may enter into compound words; but very often, as will appear, it is a contraction of hoo. (See Hoo.) The contraction is made before all the letters, but mostly where the word commences with some of the vowels, especially with the letter o.

prefix, Same as hoo.

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