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1. nvi., A sweep or gust of wind; to blow in gusts.

2. n., Inside corners of a house, said to be so named because ghosts came whistling in at the corners.

  • Examples:
    • Hio kala (FS 29), inside angle of gables.

3. vi., To break wind silently.

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v. To lean over; to slant; to incline from a perpendicular; hence,

2. To be one-sided; to swing to and fro.

3. To lean upon; to trust in. Isa. 30:12.

4. To wander. Hoo. To cause to wander. Ier. 48:12. Mea hoohio, a wanderer.

s. A slanting wind, i. e., a wind down a hill.

2. The inside corner of a (grass) house, i. e., slanting two ways.

3. A howling confused noise.

4. The comb of a cock.

5. Eructatio ventris.

adj. Leaning; oblique; kaha hio; any line which is not parallel, nor perpendicular, nor horizontal, is hio. Ana. Hon. 4.

Hio (hi-ō'), adj.

/ hi-ō' / Haw to Eng, Parker,

Leaning; oblique: kaha hio. Any line which is neither parallel, perpendicular, nor horizontal, is hio.)

Hio (hī'-o), n.

/ hī'-o / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. A downward wind, as over a mountain or high hill: he makani e amio ana mai kahi kiekie mai, wind eddying down over a high place.

2. The inside corner of a house where the two side surfaces meet.

3. A ventral eructation; a passage of wind from the bowels.

Hio (hī-ō'), v.

/ hī-ō' / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. To lean over; to slant; to incline from a perpendicular; hence,

2. To be onesided.

3. To swing to and fro.

4. To lean upon or against.

5. To trust in.

Hio (hi'-o'):

/ hi'-o' / Haw to Eng, Parker,

crooked or leaning. Land section, Puna, Kauai.

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