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1. nvt., Net, snare, stratagem, ruse; to ensnare, entangle, catch in a net; to festoon with leis.

  • hoʻohei Caus/sim.; To snare, tangle, rope, lasso; to beset with difficulties; to infatuate, be enraptured.
    • Hoʻohei manaʻo, to infatuate, beguile; spellbound.
    • Hoʻohei pipi, to rope cattle.
    • Ka hoʻohei ʻana i nā pua, catching fish fry.
    • E hoʻohei aʻe ʻoe i kānaka (Luka 5.10), you shall catch [by fishing] men.
    • Hoʻohei manaʻo, to cast a spell, enchant, beguile.
  • See kāhei #1, kāhei #2; Luka. 5.4.

2. nvi., String figure, cat's cradle; to make such.

  • References:
    • Many kinds are listed by Dickey.

3. n., Motion of hands and fingers, especially of the dying. (Some persons did not make string figures, hei, at night because of the association of the figures with the motions of death.)

4. vs., Adept, deft; to absorb, as knowledge or skill.

  • Examples:
    • Ka ʻike a ka makua, he hei na ke keiki, the knowledge of the parent is absorbed by the child.

5. Variant of hai, to sacrifice.

  • References:

6. n., Water oozing from a cliff and trickling down.

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ʻaʻano, Addiction; addicted.

  • Source:
    • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning
  • Examples:
    • Ua hei ʻo ia i ka paka. S/he was addicted to cigarettes.

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s. A net; a snare for entangling and taking an animal; applied to men. Sol. 29:5.

2. A draught of fish. Luke 5:4.

3. Game caught in hunting.

4. A cat's cradle. Bal.

v. To entangle, as in a net. Habak. 1:15.

2. FIG. To be insnared or entangled with difficulty. 1 Tim. 3:7.

3. To catch and entangle one by the neck or legs; i mea e hei ai ka a-i, ka wawae paha.

4. Hoo. To catch in a net. FIG. Luke 5:10. To entrap, entangle, &c.; ua makau au i ka mea kii mai ia'u e hoohei aku, I am afraid of him who shall come to entrap me.

s. The form of hanging greens about the house of the gods to render the sacrifices acceptable; i mea e hoohiwahiwa aku.

2. A wreath of green leaves. FIG. An ornament; o ke akamai o ka makuakane, e lilo no ia i hei na ke keiki, the wisdom of the father, it shall become a wreath for the child.

s. The name of the pawpaw tree; also called mili.

2. Also the name of the fruit.

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