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1. n., Octopus (Polypus sp.), commonly known as squid.

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2. vi., To slide, surf, slip, flee (Kin. 14.10).

  • Examples:
    • ʻO ka mea i hilinaʻi aku iāia, aʻole ia e heʻe (Isa. 28.16), he that believed did not make haste.
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3. vi., To melt, flow, drip, soften; to skim, as milk.

4. vi., To hang down, as fruit; to sag; to bear breadfruit.

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5. n., Line that supports the mast, stay.

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kikino Squid (local definition); octopus (Haole definition). Dic. Cf. mūheʻe.

hamani To skim, as milk. Dic. Waiū heʻe. Skim milk.

v. To melt; to change from a solid to a liquid substance; to run, as a liquid; to flow, as blood or water.

2. To slip or glide along; to melt away; to play on the surf-board. Laieik. 91. See HEENALU.

3. To flee through fear; ke kaua ana, o ka poe i hee, makau lakou; to flee; to be dispersed in battle. Kin. 14:10.

4. To melt; applied FIG. to the heart; to be fearful; cowardly. Kanl. 20:8.

5. To be disappointed. Isa. 28:16. To dip up and pour out water; to skim off the scum, as cream, &c. See AUHEE.

6. Imperatively, hee aku paha, be off; go about your business; contraction perhaps for hele.

s. A flowing, as of blood or other liquid.

2. A flight, as of a routed army.

3. A bloody issue. catamenia; he hee koko ka wahine; heeholua, to slide on the holua, a pastime among the ancients; heenalu, a playing on the surf-board.

s. The squid, from his slippery qualities.

2. The rope that supports the mast; a stay.

Hee (he'e), n.

/ he'e / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. A flowing, as of liquid.

2. The menses.

3. A flight, as of a routed army.

4. The squid, so-called from his slippery qualities.

Hee (he'e), v.

/ he'e / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. To melt; to run or flow, as a liquid.

2. To slip or glide along.

3. To ride on a surfboard. (See Laieik. p. 91.) Syn: Heenalu.

4. To flee; to flee through fear: ke kaua ana, O ka poe i hee, makau lakou.

5. To be dispersed in battle.

6. To melt or soften (applied figuratively to the heart).

7. Imperatively: hee aku paha, be off; go about your business. (In this imperative sense it is perhaps a contraction for hele.)

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