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1. Redup. of heʻe 2–4; avalanche (rare). hoʻo.heʻe.heʻe Redup. of hoʻoheʻe; to slide, slip.

2. n. Breast disease, with caking and great pain during nursing. (PPN fekefeke.)

v. The 13th conj. of hee. To flow or melt away; to disappear; to become liquid; to flee in battle; to dip up water with a cup. Hoo. To melt away, as an army; hence, to flee; to run.

2. A word used in enforcing the highest kapus.

s. A boil; a sore emitting matter. See HEHE. Root hee.

2. An avalanche or pali slidden down; earth or dirt fallen down from a steep side hill.

Heehee (he'e-he'e),

/ he'e-he'e / Parker Haw to Eng,

Incorrect spelling of hehee.

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