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1. nvs., To diminish, reduce, depreciate, grow smaller, subside, wane, decrease, recede, ebb; to lose vigor, droop, lower; low, reduced, thin; reduction, decrease, loss; mitigated.

  • Examples:
    • Emi iho, to go down, settle (as earth).
    • Emi ke kino, to lose weight.
    • Emi mau nō ke olakono, the health keeps failing.
    • Emi hope, to back up.
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2. vs., Cheap.

3. n., Flat (in music).

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ʻaʻano, Depleted, as a species.

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    • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning

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v. To fall behind, as one of several persons walking together.

2. To decrease in number.

3. To retire back; ebb; subside, as the tide; to diminish in quantity. Kin. 8:1.

4. To take an humble place after occupying one higher.

5. To think one’s self of little consequence.

6. To despond; to flag, as the mind or spirits; to fail, as the courage.

7. Hoo. To diminish. Puk. 21:10. To shorten; to make few; to sink back with fear; ke hoemi nei lakou i kau hana.

s. In music, aflat; the character b.

Emi (ĕ'-mĭ), n.

/ ĕ'-mĭ / Parker Haw to Eng,

In music, a flat; a character used on a natural degree of the staff to make it represent a pitch or half step lower; a tone a half step lower than a tone from which it is named.

Emi (ĕ'-mi), v.

/ ĕ'-mi / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. To drop behind; to lose ground; to fall behind.

2. To cause to grow less or smaller; to diminish or reduce, as in size, number, rate, quantity, or value; to decrease.

3. To recede; to flow back; to subside; to ebb.

4. To lower in estimation or reputation; to debase or degrade; to sink.

5. To grow spiritless or languid; to lose vigor; to droop; to flag.

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