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1. nvi., To climb on, mount, get on, go aboard, board, embark; one who climbs, mounts, boards; step.

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2. Same as aʻa #2, to extend greetings.

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vs., Hard, stiff, dry.

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1. Reduplication of ʻē #1; contrary, peculiar, opposite; adversely.

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    • He ʻēʻē wale nō kona manaʻo, his opinion is in opposition.
    • E pale ana i ka wawā lapuwale, a me ke kū ʻēʻē ʻana i ka mea i kapa hewa ʻia he naʻauao (1 Tim. 6.20), avoiding profane babblings and oppositions of the thing falsely called science.
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    • PPN kesekese, PEP keekee.

2. n., Yellow underwing feathers of the ʻōʻō, a bird, as used in featherwork.

3. n., Armpit.

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hehele, To board, go aboard, get on, etc.

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hehele, To log on, log in, as of a network or other computer system.

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v. See E, to dash upon. To mount; to get upon anything higher, as a horse; to leap upon; to get on board a ship; ee aku la maluna o ka moku; to get into a carriage. 1 Nal. 12:18. To go aboard a vessel.

2. Hoo. To receive on board a ship; to put upon, as a saddle upon a horse. Kin, 22:3. To set or put one up, as upon a horse. Kin. 31:17.

3. To pass from one carriage to another. 2 Oihl. 35:24. Ee maluna o ka waa; ee maluna o ka lio. See AE, 4.

adj. Out of sight; at a great distance. See E, adv.

adv. Opposite to; adversely; against. 1 Tim. 6:20.

adj. He hulu ee no ka manu oo, that is, the yellow feathers under the wing (or the ee) of the oo, oia ka lei hulu manu.

adj. Hoo. A rising; a sweeping; as, kai hoee. Dan. 9:26.

s. The armpit. See POEE and POAEAE. Same under the wing of fowls.

adj. Maloo, kaee; dry; not wet.

adj. Caressing; inviting; kind; he makamaka ee, he iike, he lokomaikai, he koe ole, aole wawau.

Any extraordinary ocean wave, such as may be caused by a submarine earthquake or exceptional winds; a tidal wave. See kaiee.

1. To climb upon; to ascend and seat oneself upon; to mount.

2. To go on board, as a passenger; to embark; to board: Ee maluna o ka lio; ee maluna o ka waa.

Carressing; inviting; kind: He makamaka ee, a kind friend.

Of, pertaining to or like down; covered with down; downy.

1. Of, pertaining to, or influenced by the tides; tidal: Kai ee, tidal wave.

2. Hard; stiff; dry. See maloo and kaee.

In a contrary manner; adversely; oppositely. Like the simple form, e, it is often compounded with the verb ku; as, kuee, to stand adversely; hence, to oppose.

1. The fine soft plumage of birds under the contour-feathers, especially that under the wings, as of the oo (Moho nobilis); down.

2. The downy covering or first feathering of a bird; the floccus.

3. The cavity under the arm near the shoulder; the axilla or armpit. Syn: Poee and poaeae.

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