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aumiki Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng / au.miki /,

1. n., Outgoing current.

2. n., Fresh water mixed with noni juice, drunk after kava.

3. Same as miki #2; to sip.

  • Examples:
    • Aumiki aku i ka ʻapu ʻawa, sipping in the kava bowl.

Tags: foods kava food

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AU-MI-KI Andrews, Haw to Eng,

s. Water kept in a calabash, and the chief drinks awa, (which is very bitter,) then drinks this water, which he thinks is sweet.

Aumiki (ă'u-mī'-kĭ), n. Parker, Haw to Eng / ă'u-mī'-kĭ /,

[Au, gall and miki, to act quickly.] A water especially prepared to counteract the unpleasant results of drinking awa [a drink made from the awa root]. It consists of the best spring water mixed with the juice of the noni fruit and is set aside in a clean calabash ready for use when the awa is taken.

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