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1. nvt. To snap or snatch with the teeth; snatching. Fig., to destroy, ravage, ruin. (PNP apu.)

2. Same as apuapu 2.


1. Coconut shell cup; to drink (For. 6:471). (PPN kapu.)

2. General name for medical potions, as made of taro, yam, or herbs. Kalo ʻapu, taro used as medicine.

3. A taro cultivar, perhaps related to the ʻapuwai. (TC3.)

v. To run after; to chase with a design of overtaking another.

2. To devour food greedily.

s. A cup made of cocoanut shell for drinking awa; he apu ka iwi o ka niu.

2. A dish; a cup of any material.

3. MET. Affliction; suffering; he kiaha; also,

4. Water in which kalo has been soaked, a kind of medicine; apu kalo, apu laau; the cup gives name to the drink.

s. A file; a rasp. 1 Sam. 13:20.

1. n., A small drinking-vessel, usually made of coconut shell; a cup. He apu ka iwi o ka niu.

2. n., Any hollow vessel of whatever shape, size, or material, used for serving food at meals; a cup or bowl; a dish.

3. n., The contents of a cup.

4. n., Figuratively, any unusual affliction or pleasure; lot.

5. n., The act or process of devouring.

6. n., Destructive action, especially operating with violence; ruin; desolation; ravage: ke apu a ka niuhi. the ravages of the man-eater (shark).

7. n., A file; a rasp. See apuapu.

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Apu (ă'-pŭ), v.

/ ă'-pŭ / Parker Haw to Eng,

To eat up greedily or ravenously; to devour.

2. To destroy wantonly; to make away with violently or recklessly; to waste.

3. To lay waste by devouring or some other destructive method; to ravage: Apu ka niuhi i ka moana; the man-eater (shark) ravages the ocean.

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