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1. nvt., Circle, circuit, hoop, loop, band, bracelet, hoop-shaped earring, girdle, belt, ring, embrace; to span, reach around, embrace, put an arm around, clasp.

2. n., Union of the molar or cheekbone with the temporal bone.

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1. nvt., To catch, grasp, grab, hug, seize and retain, catch, acceptance, admission. Figuratively, to perceive, understand.

2. n., A variety of sweet potato (no data).

  • References:
    • For. 5:664–5.

3. n., A variety of taro (no data).

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hamani To catch, as a ball; to receive or reception, in football. Ua ʻapo kōna hoa kime i ke kinipōpō, a holo akula i ke kī pai. His teammate caught the ball and went in for a layup. Dic., ext. mng. See lawena, ʻapo lilo.

hamani To rebound, in basketball. He 45 ʻai a me 8 ʻāpō a Karl Malone. Karl Malone has 45 points and 8 rebounds. Var. of ʻapo.

v. To catch at, as with the hand; to hook in.

2. To span or reach round. 1 Nal. 7:15. To put one’s arm around another. Laieik. 117.

3. To receive; to embrace, as a long-absent friend. Kin. 29:13.

4. To fall upon one, as an expression of affection. Kin. 33:4.

5. To contain, hold or encircle. 1 Nal. 8:27.

6. To receive, as into the mind; to apprehend intellectually. Oih. 8:27.

7. To receive and embrace, as a truth. Ioan. 17:18.

8. To receive; to take out of sight, as a cloud. Oih. 1:9.

s. A hoop; a band; apo hao, an iron hoop; in grammar, kaha apo, the sign of a parenthesis, thus: ( ); a ring or clasp for the fingers or arm; apo gula, a golden ring. Puk. 25:12. He apo gula pepeiao, a golden ear-ring. Puk. 32:2. In geometry, a circle. FIG. Apo o ka make, bands of death. 0ih. 2:24. A certain kind of belt worn by women.

Apo na poe a ka ua kuahine,

Noho hoomakue i ka uka o Kahui

Ka hookohukohu puahi ole a ka ua.

s. The union of the cheek bone with the iwi maha. Anat. 11.


kikinonoun / A-PO / Andrews Haw to Eng,

s., A particular variety of sweet potatoes.

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kikinonoun / ā-pō' / Parker Haw to Eng,

n., A variety of sweet potato.

Nā LepiliTags: flora ʻuala

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1. The act of catching; grasping, or seizing; a catch.

2. The hand fully extended as though about to span or encircle something; a span.

3. A clasping in the arms; an embrace.

4. The act of receiving, admitting, or welcoming others.

5. Acceptance; admission; reception.

6. The art or process of taking into the mind; mental acceptance.

7. A hoop; a band: Apo hao, iron hoop.

8. The parenthesis.

9. An ornamental ring, band, or chain encircling the wrist or arm; a bracelet.

10. A ring or hook passed through the lobe of the ear; earring.

11. A circle.

12. A strap or band for the waist; a girdle; a belt.

13. The union of the malar or cheek bone with the temporal bone.

1. To receive and hold; to grasp and retain; to catch.

2. To span or reach around; to encircle in measurement with the extended hand; to put one's arm around.

3. To admit to one's presence or company; to welcome; to greet.

4. To accept, receive, or take; to adopt; to embrace.

5. To perceive mentally; to comprehend; to understand.

Pond, Miloliʻi, Hawaiʻi. Large natural pond south of Miloliʻi Beach Park that is used as an anchorage for shallow-draft boats. Named for the Apo family living onshore.

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